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Hiring Process

韦德1946官网. Company Inc. reviews all incoming resumes and applications for suitability with current openings. We review your education, experience and skills to see how you will fit within our organization. We encourage you to use your cover letter to highlight anything you feel is important about yourself.

All candidates who meet the requirements of our pre-screening process will be contacted by telephone or a pre-arranged internet video chat. This is a great opportunity for us to ask more questions about your resume and your background. It's also a chance for you to ask us for clarification on the job or our hiring process.

Thank you for your interest in LEON! All applications remain in our database for several months. We regularly reference past applications and interviews for future opportunities. 

Contact our HR Department

We are in regular need of new talent. To be considered for future opportunities, please send your resume and cover letter to for our database.

Yorkton: Where Good Things Happen!

The City of Yorkton is a central hub serving the third largest trading area in Saskatchewan, catering to over 200,000 people. The region is growing and thriving with much to offer residents. Yorkton provides a high quality of life through a wide diversity of amenities, affordable housing, a safe place to raise a family, and many opportunities to encourage residents to get active and stay connected.

There is something for everyone with a wide range of recreational, arts, and cultural offerings. Find one of Canada's top 10 beaches, according to Macleans Magazine, just 30 minutes from Yorkton.

Yorkton has many entertainment options including shopping, big box stores, movies, bowling, waterpark, a wide variety of food and beverage choices, and more.

Take a look at these links that demonstrate what Yorkton and the surrounding Parkland region have to offer.

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